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Freedom is such a real thing when there is no Bachelor’s degree that holds my name. Up until this point not being tied down by anything has been something not only expected of me but encouraged. How does a person go straight from staying up all night with friends to waking up early every morning for work? How does a person go from sporadic class times that may or may not be attended to a 9-5 job five days a week? How does a person go from everyone thinking they’re too young for marriage to the soon-to-come heavy encouragements to settle down? Does freedom exist in the real world? Or is it something members of the real world convince themselves they have by buying nice things or drinking too much on the weekend? 

But seriously, I need to know.

Every girl is looking at wedding dresses. Even if she’s nowhere near becoming a bride, she’s still looking at wedding dresses. So I don’t feel bad that I already know exactly what I’ll be looking for when my big day comes around. Or at least I thought I knew. If you’ve payed attention at all to weddings lately you’ve noticed that the whole strapless wedding dress thing has fallen a bit to background. I was fully prepared to write about how excited I am about all of the cap-sleeves, the long lace sleeves, and the lace going all the way up to the neck. Okay, I love lace. And I still absolutely dream of those but the more wedding dress pictures I skimmed through the more I was pulled to the strapless dresses. Sweetheart neckline, of course.There’s just something so young and fresh about them.

I think Catherine Giudici from The Bachelor, now Catherine Lowe, put it best when she named her wedding theme “Grown Sexy.” She told cameras how she was ready to be a woman for her wedding/marriage and that she had purposefully suppressed that part of her throughout her engagement with Sean Lowe since they were remaining abstinent until their wedding night. I not only love all of her thoughts behind this but I love the way a strapless dress made me remember her words. Now stay with me here. Walking down the aisle is supposed to represent a time of leaving childhood behind and embracing womanhood. Something about a strapless wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline really displays that transition.

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Is there anything better than sweet potato pancakes for breakfast?